Smart Pendant Software

Smart Pendant Software

Smart Pendant Software

Latest Version: 3.0.0

A link to download the update files is at the bottom of this page.

What is new in v3.0?

  • Custom HMI via Interface Panel
    • No-code, user customizable GUI on Smart Pendant
    • Available controls:  Light, Button, Switch, Display field, Frame, Image
  • ~30 new INFORM instructions
    • Basic welding, trajectory control, message, string manipulation
    • Smart Pendant now supports 100+ instructions, up from 70 in v2.2
  • Step jogging (incremental “inch-like” jogging)
  • Notification & Package Install History
  • Usability improvements (INFORM, search help files)
  • Extension SDK enhancements
    • New Home Screen integration point, shown directly after boot, limited access to Smart Pendant by Operators
    • Access to I/O by 5-digit Universal I/O (e.g. 20020)
    • Read & write second & work home positions

Other Links of interest:

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Yaskawa Motoman Developer Portal

PalletBuilder Yaskawa Install Package (YIP)

Installation Instructions

(1) First verify that the controller system software version is compatible with the current version of Smart Pendant software. See Below:

System Requirements

To use all of the new functions in 3.0, the system software version required is:

    • YRC1000Micro Controller version: YBS3.05
    • YRC1000 Controller version: YAS4.73

SP 3.0 is also backwards compatible with the versions greater than and equal to ones listed below. However, there are some known limitations when 3.0 is used with these versions.

    • YBS2.31
    • YAS2.59

(2) Confirm that current version on the Smart Pendant is 1.3 or newer.  

*If updating from earlier than Smart Pendant 1.3 or if your controller software version is not compatible with this Smart Pendant software version, please contact:

(3) Download Smart Pendant update file at the bottom of this page.

(4) Unzip update file into a formatted USB drive.  Results will appear exactly as below (perhaps a different drive letter.)





(5) Power Down the Controller

(6) Connect the USB drive to the Smart Pendant.

  • USB port is located on the back-side of the pendant (bottom-right corner)

(7) Power up the controller.

(8) Execute the upgrade by clicking YES at the bootup prompt (as shown below.)

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Last UpdatedJuly 27, 2023